Angry Birds Shuns Windows Phone Users


The latest in the Angry Birds franchise by Ravio has been released and has made a surprising step- not to release the game in the Windows Phone platform. The official word is that not all platforms can be supported- but we all know why. Ravio has been keeping the Angry Birds concept appealing for a long time now.

The Release

Angry Birds in Space game is priced at £1.99 in iOS, £2.99 in Mac, £4.97 for PCs and free in Android gadgets– the Android version of the game is full of ads. The game uses an advanced physics engine to provide different bodies to exert gravitational force in different directions. Ravio has brought on the Angry Birds franchise for the 52nd time on mobile platforms and continues to promote the concept with at least four versions planned this year.

No Windows Phone

According to the news, not releasing the Angry Birds in Space in the Windows Phone platform is one thing, but it does not explain why Angry Bird Seasons and those extra levels are missing the platform. Undoubtedly, Ravio is not getting many sales in the Windows Phone platform. Consequently, Angry Birds in Space will not be ported to Microsoft’s OS.

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