HTC’s seriousness about games due to sensational Smartphones like desire and wildfire


HTC get serious in the area of games and for buying S3 graphics because of Smartphone gadgets based on Taiwan. S3 graphics is composed of hardware of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. All these three are console developers in the area of hardware. New powerful chips are also acquired by HTC so that they can provide the facility of powerful and new games.

Games facility by HTC mobile company

HTC Company has provided many newly launched mobile games. Anyone interested in playing these challenging games can download these games from Android Market for free. Some of these interesting games are Mahjongg, mem, Minspace War, MisMisMatch, Pac-Man by Namco, Pop Pop Popcorn, Santa’s War on Terror, TxtSpeed.

S3 graphics

An outstanding share of $300 million which is securing 235 companies is bought by the S3 graphics. S3 graphics is one of the oldest in obtaining design graphic processor chips and technologies. The technology of S3 is used in more than one billion computer systems along with mobile devices and game consoles. The implementation of S3 technology in HTC desire added several distinct features. Because of it addition the chipset started supporting HD Blu- ray and 3D acceleration. These chips can be used to reduce bandwidth by increasing the storage texture in HTC desire.


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