Android Jelly Bean Will Miss Adobe Flash Player Plug-in


Starting this August 15, Adobe will limit access to Adobe Flash player from the Google Play Store to only those gadgets that have a version of the plug-in installed. Furthermore, Adobe will not release the Flash player for the upcoming Android 4.1 OS update dubbed the Jelly Bean. It was not surprising since Adobe had announced late last year that it would soon stop developing the plug-in for the mobile web.

What are the changes?

Typically, Flash is integrated at the factory level or via a system upgrade or in the case of Android gadgets, it was downloadable through the app store. Adobe plans to concentrate on Adobe AIR now that it has released the last mobile version of the Flash that will run stable on all Android platforms including the ICS but not Jelly Bean.

Why does Flash Sees a Decline?

Flash has been historically the greatest plug-in in the web world with streaming images, animations and videos. The development of an integrated web standard realized with HTML 5 will make flash support redundant. Moreover, flash embedded pages are slow. The decline has steepened after Apple decided not to go in for Flash support for its iOS platform used in iPhones, iPods, and iPads.

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