Android Tablets and iPad will get a New Search App-izik


Are you an android gadget or iPad user and you often think that you need a different kind of search engine, then surely izik- a new search app is an answer for you? The newest approach is taken by Blekko as the role of laptop is quite different from the desktop or notebook computer.

Blekko’s blog post

Blekko revealed in a blog post that the new search app has been created by keeping in mind that the tablets are more exploratory while the laptops or notebooks are work-oriented. The welcome page of the search engine will be quite amusing saying “take search for a joy ride” and not similar to the basic Google home page.

More on izik

There would be suggestion images also based on the most popular search results. Like for the search done for “Steve Jobs”, a user will be greeted with the suggestions such as “Top Results”, “Quick Answer”, “Latest”, and “Images.” On the contrary,  a user on the Google will be shown the results which are more or less similar.

According to izik the interface and categories are made which can suit the tablets well. Moreover, Flick or vertical swipe will show the more results and categories.

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