Announcing New Nook Video Application: Barnes & Noble


Topping the list of video service providers, the Barnes & Noble Company will keep its position in the bandwagon with the soon-to-be-released Nook Video application. The reason behind this new venture is predicted to be the result of increasing digital viewers of existing e-readers.

December Gift Idea

The new fangled idea will take root sometime before the December holiday season. A perfect gift idea, the gadget will allow users to experience the effect of movies and other videos including television programs.

The novel concept is a smart move by Barnes & Noble Incorporation to cash in on the boom in e-watchers category. Contending with other technology giants like Apple and, the video service will be available on Nook application enabled mobile gadgets, and in television sets.

Features and Facilities

The users can now download movies from popular channels like Viacom, Warner Brothers, Sony Pictures, and HBO, to name a few. There is no offer of a limitless screening feature on the lines of Netflix. The yet-to-be revealed Nook tablet will house integrated video viewing facility that is slated to be the greatest comeback of Barnes & Noble marketing strategy.

With the cost factor not revealed in the e-readers circle, the application will be a crucial aspect of latest releases for looking forward.

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