AOSP Project Brings Latest Android Version to Your Android Devices


Android users generally run the outdated version of android software on their android gadgets. The reason behind is that the android operating system are customized by the Android phone manufacturers and as soon as Google releases a new update one has to go back to the drawing board to get the updated version.

Latest Experiment by Android’s Team

Now android’s team has come up with the latest experiment by which android devices, not under the Nexus line of phones can get the latest unaltered version of Android to their gadgets.

The Jean Baptiste Queru, Head of the Android (AOSP), has revealed this news, and he said that the Sony Xperia S would get the clean and latest android version. Therefore, it means the Sony device users now would be able to install the Jelly Bean i.e. the latest version of Android.

Why Sony Xperia S

Besides there are many other devices available in the market Xperia S has been chosen because it is a current powerful GSM device. Moreover, it is equipped with the unlockable bootloader, which is quite friendly with the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

Android’s team is assuming this project successful in the future, and with this within days of release, android owners will get the latest software update.

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