Apple’s New security update for OS X


Apple is known for its security software & gadgets that include Mac OS X- 10.7 Lion Operating System. The other products of Apple are Webmail, QuickTime, PHP, Squirrel – Mail, Internet Sharing, and core – Text, X11, and ColorSync.

Apple to bring hope is security fixation

There has been a significant kink in the versions of Apache as addressed by Apple. This could invite a hacker to unlock the cryptography of Secure Sockets Layers also called as SSL. Dennis Fisher who happens to be the security personnel from Kaspersky explained this.

Need for high profile security online product sellers

The SSL provides identity to online retailers and several other companies to sell the product online through eBay, Amazon or the Bank of America. If anyone is found to violate the rules of SSL, then they are liable to punishment. It may also happen that some people have compromised the SSL certificate and cheated many people by extracting their personal information who has believed them to be a legitimate site.

This needs a high profile security; apple has done a successful initiation in bringing the trust in security certificates that are being issued by Digicert. There can be massive information loss if care is not taken while giving personal information to sites.

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