Apple Apps Store now has Google Maps for iOS


The search giant for iOS launched Google Maps. The Google maps is available as a free app in the Apple Apps Stores and can be used for gadgets of iOS 5.1 and above. Google announces the apps as an easy to use, accurate map and has built in Google search and voice guided navigation are available.

Apple Maps Vs Google Maps

About three months back, Apple removed Google Maps from iOS6 operating mobiles. The Apple Maps that were given to users, which were found to be inaccurate and buggy. Until the issues were fixed, users were asked to check out competing products, and even Tim Cook from Apple issued an apology for the inconvenience.

Google Maps for iOS

Google Maps for iOS brings the street view back to the users of iOS 5.1 mobiles and higher. Even Google accounts can be accesses with ease with these apps. Google Instant is also incorporated, which means Google knows which place, location or restaurant you are about to type. You can get more information like reviews and photos from the Zagat that is owned by Google. Maps history can also be seen using Chrome.

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