A New Browser for iOS Launched by Yahoo


Yahoo has launched Axis a new browser for Apple gadgets. Axis is available for the mobile devices like smartphones only. However, for desktops they are available as plug-ins for the four leading web browser- Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Apple’s Safari. Cross-device synchronizing and improved searching are the standout feature of the new service.

What Axis Can Do?

Other than working as a browser in mobile Apple devices, when used as a plug-in in browsers, an Axis search bar appears below the web page in the bottom left corner. Yahoo Axis can be used in desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones and with a Yahoo account, you can synchronize your browsing data like searches, home screen, apps and favorites, pages to read later and bookmarks across the various Apple devices.

Release Events

In a major embarrassment for Yahoo, the service went online without a term of service, which CNET was quick to point out. Moreover, the plug-in for Chrome crowned the most popular browser in the world recently is down with security issues, and according to NextWeb the extension has been replaced. Nevertheless, Yahoo is optimistic with Axis and the Alibaba deal at a time when it has witnessed a shakeup of its top brass and the ever-growing authority of Google.

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