Amazing Google ‘Field Trip’ apps on iPhone 5


The five most popular apps among Americans belong to Google bundle. Google Maps, YouTube, Gmail, Google play are some of them but are these enough for those who are spending enormously on their smartphone gadgets?

Field Trip the new app

So Apple is launching their new inclusion- the field trip that gives you chance to know more about the planet that you live in! This app that has already been launched in the market five months ago is both compatible with iPhone and iPad. It has been developed by Google with other partners like Cool Hunting, Zagat, and others.

Hunt for what interests you

With this app just type and you will know all about the aspect that fascinates you. It engulfs areas such as daily deals, architecture, entertainment and much more. It is remarkably close to the Wanderous app, but whereas Wanderous will be giving data following your line this has a broader prospect.

It is undeniable that Google has not simply the best mapping or location app but also resources to offer innate data about these locations to improve the user experience.

Currently the app is available in U.K and U.S, only so other Google apps lovers have to wait for some time.

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