Amazon Instant Video App in iPad


Selling digital content has been Amazon’s strength throughout and one of the reasons why it brings out cheap e-readers and its Kindle Fire tablet. Amazon took one-step further in that direction when it launched its Instant Video app for Apple iOS available free in the iTunes app store. The app can play all of the 12,000 titles including movies and television shows available for purchase and rent.

Amazon’s Digital Content in iOS

It was in June that the Amazon Cloud Player was launched in the iOS ecosystem that streamed Amazon’s music libraries on sale or played music on the device. Now the Instant Video app extends the functionality to any type of content. This ploy has been entertaining since Amazon has been keeping these apps only on Kindle Fire and in the Android platform.

What about Android

As of now, Android gadgets will not receive the Instant Video app. Only the Kindle Fire has gotten it now and Xbox 360, PS3, Macs, PCs and also some TVs and Blu-Ray players. Other Android gadgets must still depend on Google Play or other video streaming services like Netflix until of course they choose to hack their gadgets. Instant Video for Android may come soon.

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