Angry Birds for iPhone crosses 10 million paid downloads


Angry Birds

There is hardly any iPhone user who doesn’t know about ‘Angry Birds‘ game. But, I never knew that this game will be setting up a record which could be this big. If you doubt the awesomeness of this game, then you can see the record which it just achieved and that depicts how good the game actually is.

This game is available in different versions to the iPhone user and one can download ‘Angry Birds Lite’ for free. However there are two different paid versions of this game which are available at this moment. Angry Birds has now crossed the 10 million download mark which includes only the paid application. I am sure that the iPhone users must be loving it in the same way as I do, but 10 million is a really big number and I am sure that it won’t be easy for any other iPhone app to even get close to it.

If you haven’t tried it yet, go for it and you’ll surely start loving it. If you’re an android user, then you can download this game for free from the android market.

iPhone users can always try the Angry Birds Lite (free version) before buying the full version.

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