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Mac comes with Safari much like Internet Explorer is built in Windows. However, it does not mean that a user should use the default browser given with a particular operating system. There are a lot of alternatives available for a user regardless of the operating system he or she uses. The same goes to the Mac Lion X.

Here are some browsers that are worth noting:


A name that might ring a bell to those using previous version of Mac OS, Camino is specially optimized for Mac OS X including Lion. A feature worth noting includes Keychain support along with all the other standard features that comes with a typical web browser.


Chrome is a favorite amongst PC and Mac users alike. Being one of the speediest and lightweight browsers has its advantage with all the other browsers. New features are also being implemented such as full screen as an API for this feature has been released along with Lion X


Being one of the oldest web browsers, Opera has a browser for almost all platforms. Improvements have been made on Opera Desktop for Mac. Like Chrome, it also took advantage of the new APIs inside Lion X. It also looks better than the previous versions as certain modification have been made to its styling.

New Lion X users should not hesitate in using any of these web browsers as an alternate to Safari. In fact, some of these even perform better than the latter.

I would not recommend Firefox for Mac Lion X because it is kind of buggy, most of the people who used it had some problems. So, until they will make an update I suggest staying away.

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  1. Dave-In Chicago says:

    I’m using Firefox with Lion in my iMac and I’m having NO problems with it. What bugs are you talking about? I’m not experiencing them.

    What I will tell you is that Safari is a piece of junk Apple shouldn’t be bragging about. Any web browser other than Safari is so superior I can’t understand why Apple brags about Safari – – even if it is Apple’s product.

    I also don’t understand why people brag about Macs. If I could, I’d take mine back in a heartbeat for a full refund and just get a larger flat screen monitor for my PC. I will never recommend a Mac to anyone, and I will NEVER buy another one!

    The logic used to build Apple computers and the programs Apple makes are not logical.

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    • Ashram says:

      It’s good to hear that you’re not having problems with Firefox on your installation of OS X Lion. My experience is different. After installing Lion, I’ve been having no end of stability problems with Firefox, which is a pity.

      Also, if you don’t really like your iMac, sell it to someone who will buy it at a fair price. Use the money you’ll earn to buy or build yourself a different computer either running Windows 7 or the myriad of free Linux distribs. A used Mac that still has the specs to work well with OS X Lion is in high demand.

      Contrary to your recommendation over avoiding Macs, there are people, including myself, who have had mainly positive experiences with these computers (the problem with Firefox has been only a small handful of negatives with my Mac experience). If I were asked, I would not hesitate to suggest a Mac to others.

      My MacBook Pro is almost five years old. I did have a major motherboard problem out of warranty (faulty GPU), but Apple had a recall on it and they handled it completely free of charge. Turnaround was exceptional. It took under three days via AppleCare to get back a working notebook; from sending it off via FedEx overnight, at Apple’s expense, to getting it back.

      Apple’s logic towards building computers isn’t illogical; their computers are very functional and very well built with above average engineering (I’ve serviced many computers myself, including Macs, and Macs tend to be designed and built to a higher standard of quality, despite being built by contractors that may also handle building HPs and Dells). Most of their software is very usable and reliable. And, above all, they don’t joke around in the area of CUSTOMER SERVICE, an area where that IS the joke coming from other companies.

      If I may suggest, your comment is the one that’s not logical here.

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  2. W Warren says:

    I own a graphics and design and have been in business using Macs since the second one created. I now have a network with an 8500 a G4 a G5, a Macpro and recently purchased the 27″ iMac. I have several PCs, I mean you have to have something to GAME on. Most Mac software works just fine and I have no complaints. I do animation, graphics, photography etc., I own CS5 master suite and I use the PC to do similar things on it for clients, and I will tell you, there is no comparison to the softwares on the two computers, Macs are made for handling high speed high end function where the PC is just a calculater an a typewriter with a TV attached. Do the comparison.
    GO MAC!

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