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Apple’s new Lion OS X is one of the most advanced OS’ from Apple. This is a clear winner, comprising more than 250 unique features, such as multitouch gesture control, full-screen apps, resume and so on, mentioning just a few. This saves users a lot of time and effort, while also entertaining them to the hilt. In this post, we bring you some of the coolest applications for the Apple’s Lion OS.

Lion Enhancements – Why It’s So Awesome

We are going to categories the Lion OS apps under two headings, that is, paid and free apps.

Paid Apps for Lion OS

  1. iWork
  2. iWork is Apple’s productivity suite, much like Microsoft Office. This app makes full use of Lion’s advanced processing features. This app gives you features such as the “Pages” word processor, “Numbers” spreadsheets, “Keynote” presentations and so on.

    This app also supports Versions and autosave, which automatically updates and saves new versions of the document you create. iWork is available for $19.99.

  3. Cruz Browser
  4. This browser is an alternate for Apple’s Safari. The Cruz browser brings unique features such as built-in tiny URL, split views of several pages at the same time, visual tab thumbnails, support for Lion’s full-screen mode and so on.

    The Cruz browser is available for $2.99.

  5. Tutor for Lion
  6. For those who need help working with Lion’s new features, the Tutor for Lion app is excellent. Offering video tutorials on all of Lion’s functionalities such as Spaces, Mission Control and so on, this app is great for first time OS X users.

    This app costs $4.99.

  7. BusyCal
  8. This is a desktop-based calendar app which enables users to share their calendar amongst small workgroups. This can also be synced with other Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, as also with Google Calendar and iCal. The latest version offers support for many of Lion’s features such as trackpad control, full-screen and so on.

    BusyCal costs $49.99.

  9. OS X Lion Server

This very useful app enables users to share files across their Macs and PCs, sync contacts and other information, schedule meetings, create and share podcasts and more. It also offers additional mail services and address book server.

The OS X Lion Server is priced at $49.99.

Free Apps for Lion OS

  1. Producteev
  2. This app helps with task management and sync with multiple devices at one time. It also works offline and is hence extremely convenient for users. Other features include buzz notifications, reminders, labels, repetitions, notes, labels, multi workspaces and more.

  3. Facebox Pro
  4. This Facebook for Mac lets users access Facebook directly from the menu bar. It gives users complete feeds and let them see friends online, type out messages and more, without having to open the Web browser.

  5. eBay
  6. eBay for Mac gives user a real-time shopping experience from their Macs. Offering several products and visual galleries of the same, this app lets users browse and bid on the product of their choice. The best thing about this app is that it is ad-free and runs without interruptions. The watch list is updated every five seconds, thereby helping users view the latest bids.

  7. Touchgrind

The Touchgrind app for Mac is a gaming app that features three gameplay modes, very similar to the iPhone version. The Lion OS version of the app offers support for multi-touch control.

There are many more cool apps for the Lion OS, both free and paid. Can you think of some more? Do let us know!

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