Create a club-like Music Mix with Mixtrax in iOS Devices


If you got a good collection of tunes and all you wish to have is a club-like mix; then Mixtrax is exactly what you need.

Great Music App for iOS

Created by Pioneer Electronics, Mixtrax is a great app designed for iOS devices and PCs that lets you create non-stop club like mix based your own music collection. Have a party at home? Create non-stop mix by yourself with this amazing app and have a rocking party. The app first analyses your music collection and then lets you select the collection you are in mood for, and there you go!

Free and Premium Versions

Though the free version for iPhone, iPod touch as well as iPad gadgets works pretty well but if you want to have added sound effects as well as DJ-style transitions then you will have to opt for the $2 premium version.

One can do a lot of interesting stuff with the app. Like you can tweak the duration of each track and set the style for each track individually. You can re-shuffle the playlist and above all, timer can also be set that will stop after a certain track. Try it out and see what it has in store for you!

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