Google+ awaiting approval from App Store


Google is recently in news again with its attractive and innovative offering in the form of Google+. This social networking site is currently available on Android based mobile gadgets but it should not come as a surprise to the users when they can see this application on iPhone and iPad. Google is claiming that users will soon be able to use this service on their handsets.

Awaiting Approval

Google+ iPhone and iPad applications have been submitted to the Application stores some few days ago and is awaiting approval from their end, claimed the technician Eric Joy from Google. Google claims that the user may have to wait for another 2 weeks before they finally get an approval from the App store.

Testing Version

Google has launched this service in a testing phase with its beta version and consequently it requires invites from others to access the site. Despite the testing version, Google+ has been able to attract many users already and has become a point of discussion for them. This initiative of social networking from Google has so far been positive and undoubtedly will remain so because of some of the additional features which are not available with the competitors.



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