iOS 5 Battery Issues Solved


Apple has released the iOS 5.1 with improvements and bug fixes. Since the launch of the iOS 5, there have been many complaints regarding battery performance. The iPhone 4S users got a beating with the power hungry A5 processor and the new Siri technology adding to the quickly draining battery.

Battery Life Problems Continue

Since the launch, of iOS 5.0.1 the battery life has been a significant issue for iOS users- and it continues into iOS 5.1. The release notes for the Apple update does not indicate that the battery issues have been overcome- but it remains to be seen if the bug is still unfixed. While most users have not upgraded to iOS 5.1, a CNet poll has shown that a majority 35 percent users have experienced improved battery life while 18 percent claimed it has worsened, and 23 percent has observed no difference.

Holding Up Your Battery

Check the performance of battery on your iOS gadgets- check the iPhone 4S battery issues and observe how long the gadgets last without a recharge. Meanwhile, use these power- usage reduction tips for iOS 5.1 battery issues- switch off location services, switch off Bluetooth when not needed, use auto-lock and restore iPhone in iTunes!

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