iPhone Camera App from Facebook


The not-so-good IPO has not bogged down Facebook- it has now released an iPhone camera application almost along the lines of Instagram, a popular photo sharing application that Facebook is in the process of acquiring for a staggering $1 billion. The new app is currently available for download from the App Store of Apple. An Android version of the photo-sharing app may be in the pipeline, but Facebook did not reply to that.

The App

The camera app works much the same way as normal photo sharing applications work- you have to tap on the camera icon on the top left corner of your iPhone gadgets screen, aim and shoot. Afterwards, you have options to apply filters, crop, and tilt the images shot. You can obviously share it on Facebook!

Instagram Acquisition Progress 

The $1 billion Instagram acquisition deal is still on the discussion table, and Facebook is optimistic that an agreement will fall through sometime this year. Instagram is a hugely popular photo sharing application in iPhones and Android gadgets. Instagram has not worked on the camera and photo-sharing app that Facebook is now launching for iPhone gadgets. Perhaps Facebook is laying a platform to integrate Instagram when it gets its hand on the app.

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