iWork Beta of iCloud Available for Public Access


Lately iCloud’s iWork beta access has been made public by Apple after undergoing testing phase. Now the service is more broadly available for the iCloud users. Earlier only developers were allowed to access its services, but now non-developers are also receiving the invitations.

Requirements for Accessing iWork

Though the official launch of iWork is still few days ahead, but a user having Apple ID can access the iWork. For doing this user has to visit and sign in the website iCloud.com. Microsoft and Google have already launched iCloud applications, and it seems with iWork for iCloud Apple has also entered in the competition for iCloud services.

iWork Features

iWork is going to support both the cloud and native applications within a single package. iWork will support multiple gadgets including iPads and iPhones and after creating the documents online users can automatically sync it to the Apple devices.

This iWork for iCloud apps is supporting Chrome 27.0.1 or later, Safari 6.0.3 or later and IE 9.0.8 or later on both the desktops and Macs. However, this is not clear if the iWork is free for using online, or it will be a priced app. But the trial version is free for trying out by Apple ID users.

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