Lock Screen App of Apple Withdrawn


Big Brother in trouble

All Apple gadgets users are aware of a third party app that is used to lock the screen of the gadget, known as “Big Brother”. This was seen as an additional security measure since the app clicked photographs of people who entered the wrong lock – screen passwords and gave out sound alarm. However, as per latest news, Apple has pulled out this feature because the app was found to be hacking passwords after being installed in the device. Lock – screen user passwords were being passed on the creator, Daniel Amitay, through the app. Although this action was not present when the app was launched by the developer, it was added in the upgraded version.

Creator claims innocence

In addition to receiving passwords illegally, Daniel Amitay published around 204,508 passwords that were collected through the app. The list was supposed to show some of the most common pass codes. However, the move seems to have bounced back on him. This app was withdrawn by Apple yesterday. Amitay said that he would appeal against Apple’s order on grounds that the passwords were not meant for miscreant activities but for research. He said that the app only passed details that were entered in his app and did not delve further into the system.


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