Mac iPad, iPhone will be more Functional with OS X Mountain Lion


According to the recent release of Wall Street Journal, an interview with the top people at Apple has confirmed company attempt to bring more features to Mac OS X of iOS.

Apple has a plan of bringing the experience of laptop to iPad though both will continue its survival in the market despite their extent of convergence, quoted by Tim Cook CEO Apple and Phil Schiller, SVP, Worldwide Marketing.

Apple’s latest OS X:

Apple makes its most recent and awaited announcement of its soon to release OS X, Mountain Lion, to be launched this summer. Apple announces it to be “inspired by iPad.” It is a well-known myth of the gadget industry that iPad would overpower the MacBook market. Therefore, for the sake of its products’ popularity Apple is trying to bring some of the iPad magic to Mac. 

Tim Cook Suggests:

Tim Cook says “we know that many people out there are in love with apps and their advanced functionality. But for this discussion is going is that we are going to bring the magic over to Mac.” He also speaks about the two operating systems developed by Apple, that is iOS and OS X are regarded as “having increasing functionality” by the Apple (decision makers) team. In addition, this attempt is going to unite microprocessor chips bringing Apple’s own system to chip into iPhones, iPads to Macs. However, he still says it is a possibility only, and confirmation has not been made yet.

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