Three Apple education apps released, iBooks 2, iBooks Author & iTunes U


The Apple education event held yesterday was bound to revolutionize the way students study because the event gave a lot of emphasis on the iPad and three new applications that Apple has created. These applications are the iBooks 2, iBooks Author and iTunes U.

The iBooks 2 is an improved version of the iBooks and gives emphasis on educational books. When we say educational books, we mean those university or high school textbooks. The prices of these books can be considered quite attractive at only $14.99 although the size for these books are not. Ranging from 800MB to as big as 2.77GB, users may not be able to put in a lot of books inside one iPad.

iBooks Author on the other hand is an application to create all of these textbooks. It is an easy to use application that is quite straightforward in nature. Videos and photos can be added with ease and once that is done, the author can put their books up for free or up to $14.99.

iTunes U is for people wanting to get lectures on a topic. As of date, the application has garnered 700 million downloads and counting. Users can see the teacher’s bio amongst all things and it is also possible to check on homework and course material as well.

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