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Since its inception, the iPhone app market has been expanding rapidly with new applications being launched almost every second of the day. Games are among the most popular apps because the iPhone’s design allows numerous high-quality games to be played on it. Casino games appeal to users of all ages and poker is among the most popular card games in the world. Poker-enthusiasts can choose and download from a wide range of poker apps. The drawback is that Apple does not allow real-cash poker games. This means that you cannot play for real cash- only virtual dollars. However, we have mentioned the only app being the exception in our rankings.

Apple itself had developed its own Texas Hold ‘Em game, which was considered to be the best poker app of them all. However, the app was pulled by Apple from the Apple app market late in 2011, so we did not include it in the rankings (it would have occupied the first place!). Because we are mainly talking about gambling, you only want to play at safe online casinos, places you can trust! Most of the casino players like to play online slot machines, there are so many of games you can choose from. You can find here more information. But let’s begin presenting the iPhone apps.

After doing some research, this is our verdict on the top 5 iPhone Poker apps (in descending order):

  5. Home Game Poker: Developed by Optimum Drama, this app comes with the rules for 42 poker variants. The user interface makes the games incredibly easy to learn.

4. World Series of Poker Hold ’Em Legend Free:

Developed by Glu Mobile, it is a single-player game in which you have to climb your way up the ladder of the tournament poker world.  As your poker career moves forward, you play in a number of successive smaller tournaments on your way to the WSOP Main Event, for that prized gold bracelet.

The AI is pretty good for this game, and you won’t get the feeling that the cards are rigged, making for a fun and fair experience. The career mode function gives the game a lot of replayability.

3. Bwin Poker: Bwin made a strong entry into the poker apps market which their new Texas Hold ‘Em application. It has the distinction of being the only poker game in the iPhone app market which allows real cash games- you can play for real money! Although, it’s not available in the US, the game can be enjoyed by iPhone and iPad users in Europe.

Due to the popularity of events like World Series of Poker (WSOP), and also due to its easy gameplay, Texas Hold ‘Em has grown in popularity to become the most popular poker game in the world.

2. Zynga Poker: As the name suggests, this poker app has been developed by Zynga, the browser-game giant, known for its hugely popular Facebook games, such as Farmville and Cityville.

The Zynga Live Poker iPhone app doesn’t need a learning curve. This means that if you’ve ever played online poker before, you don’t really have to learn anything to play Zynga Live Poker. This is because everything that you’d consider intuitive is has been thoughtfully provided for by Zynga within this software package. The fact that you can immediately step into playing Zynga Live Poker at one of the advanced levels is appealing to many people.

1. Rush Poker – And the grand prize goes to…Rush Poker! This poker app was developed by Full Tiltand it was developed specifically for smartphones. The big problem of not being able to play multitable on a smartphone or tablet is more or less settled by Rush Poker. The fast pace of the game makes it unnecessary to play more than one table at once.

You can also find some great related apps on AppStore.

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