Run Like Hell – iPhone Game [Review]


Run Like Hell iPhone Game

‘Run Like Hell’ is an iPhone game which is quite interesting and fun to play. iPhone users can download this game for free (at present) and the best part is that there are no advertisements either.

Just to make the free game interesting, there are a couple of game modes which are locked and can they can be unlocked for free, you will just be needing achievements to unlock the modes.

It is an interesting game and teenagers would love to play this game on their iPhone. It is a simple game, the player keeps running automatically and he is being chased by tribal people. The user has to avoid obstacles by jumping or sliding, he could also collect power-ups to make things easy for him.

There is another version of the game and that version is known as ‘Run Like Hell – ICE COLD’. The concept is same but the environments are different and in this particular game, the player is chased by a Bear.

So, if you like to play games on your iPhone, do not forget to try this out.

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