Street Fighter IV – iPhone Game [Review]


Street Fighter IV

People who own a jailbroken iPhone must be happy as they can download the premium games and applications for free, I am sure that most of them must be having Street Fighter IV in their phones already. This review is for the people who own a factory-unlocked iPhone, they always think which app will be worth buying.

The makers of Street Fighter,  ‘Capcom’ (Japanese Developers ) have made their all time best action game available on the apple mobile phones and other apple devices.


About Street Fighter IV (iPhone) –

Street Fighter IV with 14 different characters (including two unlockable characters) and with different game modes. There is a training section for the user to practice and to improve his skills. The grades given in the training section motivates the user to do better and better.


The Good –

– Playing street fighter is fun but people often get bored when they face the same CPU opponents everyday. The good part is that Street Fighter IV is a multiplayer game and two gamers can play together on different devices via bluetooth/Wi-Fi.

– Their are lots of Special Cards and Achievements to unlock and trying to unlock them all is fun.

– The applications allows the user to save upto 20 replays of his favorite fights.


The Bad –

– It is a multiplayer game but users are not allowed to play it with other opponents online (in a different zone).


Price –

The game used to be a little costly in its early days but now the price has been reduced to 99 cents till 1st July and it’s worth it.


Final Verdict –

Being a fan of action games, I have tried a lot of action games on my iPhone 4 but after trying them all, I came to the conclusion that Street Fighter IV is the best action game available on the iTunes store (at least for me, it is). So, if you’re a fan of action games and if you have not bought this game yet, I hope you might buy it after reading this article. It surely is worth the price.

Gaming on iDevices is always fun, specially when you can get games like these for an affordable price.

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  1. how are the graphics, why don’t you post a video review of the gameplay… it would be so awesome.

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    • Akash Malik says:

      The graphics are awesome, I bet they can’t be better than what they are. Thanks for the advice, gameplay video sounds good, I might do that for the upcoming game reviews.

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  2. Tambra Cotant says:

    Hi, I have upgraded my iPhone 4 to 5.0.1 / firmware 04.11.08. My question is, may I downgrade the firmware from 04.11.08 to 04.10.01 using your custom iOS 5.01 ipsw with Sn0wbreeze ???

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