Apple keeps its promise of Launching OS X Yosemite Beta in July


OS X Yomesite BetaIn the annual Worldwide Developer Conference of June 2014, Apple announced its intention of introducing a new operating system, i.e., X Yosemite for Public Beta in this summer. Accordingly, the company launched this product on July 24th.


The User Interface in OS X Yosemite is also colorful and flat quite like that of iOS 7. The company has tried to integrate the operating systems for mobile phones with that being used on laptops and desktops. Towards this end, it has included a feature called Handoff. With this feature, people can use some application on their iPhone or iPad, and access it on their Mac. The process is also valid in reverse, i.e., from Mac to these gadgets. Yosemite will also enable people to answer phone calls that come on iPhone using Mac’s speakers.

Yosemite’s mail application has a sophisticated MailDrop feature. Due to this feature Apple gadgets user would be able to manage larger file attachments in their emails. Apple has also equipped its iCloud Drive with file storage facility. An AirDrop feature would provide seamless access to Hotspots across Apple gadgets.


Though in Beta stage, Yosemite heralds a new era in how handheld devices and larger devices could be used seamlessly. This product will help the company capture larger market share and remain the market leader till something better comes up.

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