Apple to introduce iTunes Match


Apple is all set to introduce iTunes Match and has even sent an e-mail to its developers who are in the testing team warning them to back up their song libraries on their computers as their stored songs would be wiped from iCloud servers.

About iTunes Match

iTunes Match is a subscription which will let users ripped songs via Apple’s iCloud service. According to a recent report, the company will delete each of the present iCloud libraries on coming Saturday, i.e, Twelfth November at morning time 10 AM as per the Pacific Standard Time. iTunes Match is a service which scans user’s library containing all those songs which may have been ripped from a CD but were not purchased from Apple and then, merges those songs with Apple’s own library. For this service, users are required to pay only $24.99 a year.

Regarding Its Launching

When a match is found, the users are provided with a license of the track at about the same quality and the amazing part is; this feature has been embedded in the Apple’s iCloud gadget. The security feature about iTunes match makes it worth the subscription. Though the service was supposed to be launched in October, there is still no news about its final release date.

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    Hmm, let’s see.. keep us posted re final release date. Thanks!

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