Apple’s Beat Electronics Introduces Powerbeats 2 for Athletes


Powerbeats 2 by Dr DREBeat electronics has introduced Powerbeats 2, which qualifies as first of its gadgets under Apple’s flagship. Powerbeats 2 is basically a Bluetooth headset. Beats by DR DRE focused on making this product for athletes like LeBron James, who also offered valuable hints for developing the device.


For starters, this Bluetooth headset is wireless. The two earphones are connected with a flat cable which is tangle-free. A remote that is in-line includes 3 buttons which are for controlling, volume, microphone, and track. Its battery can be charged in just 15 minutes. A led indicator indicates the availability of charge. Usually, the fully charged battery can be used to play music for 6 hours or more. A micro sized USB port is provided on the left phone for charging this gadget.


The device is sweat and water resistance, apart from being light weight. The hooks of this device fit perfectly and the ear buds on it are made from silicone. The best part of these wireless devices is that it developed by Beat electronics which is already known for best quality music in such wireless devices.

The product is priced at almost $200. This can hinder its popularity. Moreover, it is targeted at a limited market. Others may not be interested or need the new features.

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