Apple’s iOS 9 Public Beta 2 Fixes some of the Bugs in its yet to be Released iOS 9


iOS 9 Public Beta 2Apple released iOS 9 Public Beta in 9th of July 2015. But those who dared to download this operating system on their devices were a bit disappointed, especially since transition from iOS 8.4 for to the intended iOS 9 is expected to give them better features rather than deny what they already had. Quick to note the flaws, Apple came up with iOS Public Beta 2 rectifying some of those errors.

Bugs Removed and Features Added

For starters, Home Sharing that was available in iOS 8.4 has been restored. Secondly, volume buttons can now be used for taking snapshots. This was not possible with the preceding Public Beta. Apple has added the much talked about the picture in picture feature. This feature can be used with Podcasts app.

This beta version also supports iPod Touch gadgets. Updates can be downloaded from iTunes. Those who have installed the previous beta version will be intimated about the updated version.


Apple also released OS X public beta, more precisely OS X El Capitan beta in June 2015. A new version of it has also been released. Both iOS 9 and OS X are expected in fall of 2015. Whether the new operating systems will meet the requirements remains to be seen. New technologies are emerging, and devices often become a constraint.

Moreover, the new operating system from Microsoft may offer portability across the devices and operating systems, which is actually the need of the hour. Given the competition, it remains to be seen if iOS 9 and OS X have any edge. For now, however, most iOS 9 public beta users would be happy enough because they are able to use some of the features that they were accustomed to in iOS 8.4.

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