Apple’s Siri Application may now be Available for Macs, and Macbooks


SIRIThere are strong indications that Apple has plans to launch a version of its popular personal assistant application, Siri, for Macs and Macbooks. This is good news for PC, desktop, and notebook users. So far, this voice enabled digital PA application is only available for contemporary gadgets, i.e., iPhone and iPad.

About Siri

Siri was introduced along with iPhone S in 2011. It is an application that responds to gestures as well as voice. It requires latest versions of iOS for running. Therefore, people with smartphones that have iOS8 can use this application. The application can execute several verbal or gesture commands such as filing, and organizing files and folders. In addition, it can be used to send the mouse to the place where it needs to be clicked merely with verbal commands or commands given by gestures.

The Mac Magic

Apple has obtained a patent for Siri that will be exclusive to Macs. Rumor has it that this version will have some advanced features when compared to the Siri application for mobile phones.

If this is indeed true, Apple has moved ahead in race and Microsoft’s windows would have to catch up.

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