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There is a whole lot of software available today, for all your digital picture manipulating tasks. While most of them are really good and are compatible with most PC operating systems, they also come at a price, sometimes too steep to be considered within a reasonable budget. In this post, we bring you the best free picture editors for Macintosh or Mac, Apple’s very popular OS. In some cases, the software is available to you completely free of charge and without strings attached. In some other cases, though, you can avail of feature-limited use for non-registered users. In any case, you are bound to find the programs most useful for all your picture editing needs on Mac. Take a look at the list below – we hope it helps you find the best software for your needs.

GIMP for Mac OS X

GIMP has always managed to stand out as one of the best picture editing programs. Few are aware that this open-source software was originally developed for Linux/Unix. Very similar in interface to Photoshop, this is very versatile, and what is better, is available to you completely free of charge.

The only problem with this software is that updates and patches could sometimes turn buggy. However, support is good and you will not have to deal with too many problems either. Note that this release is not compatible for Mac OS 9 and earlier.



This is yet another free image editing software for the Mac OS X. The unique thing about this software is that though it was originally created keeping pixel artists in mind, it can also be used for other varieties of pixel-based illustration.

Supporting multi-layer and animation features, it also gives you a tile view and lets you work with some interesting palettes. It is also a spot of fun to assign a separate tool and/or color to the right mouse button as you are progressing with your image editing work.


Seashore is an open-source picture editing software for Cocoa. It is more or less like GIMP but was actually envisioned as an application especially for the Mac OS X. Like Photoshop, this program also supports multi-layering and alpha channel editing features.

Admittedly, this is not quite as advanced as GIMP, but it does include some interesting features, is lighter and is also much easier to install, understand and use.


GraphicConverterX is a powerful multi-purpose tool that you can use for viewing, editing and converting your images on the Mac platform. Very versatile and loaded with advanced features, this software can handle tasks that few other image editing programs can. Of course, this being so advanced, you will need to work at it for some time before learning to master all its features.

One more thing with the GraphicConverterX is that does not come totally free of charge. But you can use it as shareware if you are willing to forfeit working with some of its more powerful batch processing functionalities.


Pixelmator is fast emerging as one the very popular alternatives to the most-used Adobe Photoshop. This program has been created by third-party developers for Apple and has now managed to establish itself as an affordable version of Photoshop.

Loaded with many advanced features and functionalities, this is indeed a must-try-software for those who love to work with the likes of Photoshop. This disadvantage here is that this software comes with a free trial period of only 30 days, after which you must purchase it and register yourself for further use.

There are many other picture editors for Mac. Take your time to browse all of them, decide the features you are looking for and then go ahead and make your final decision.


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