BlackBerry 10 equipped with Super Hexagon Technology


Here is news that comes quite unexpected- Super Hexagon, the brain child of Terry Cavanagh has sold the software to BlackBerry for the BlackBerry 10 devices.

Not originally Cavanagh’s intention

Super Hexagon technology for BlackBerry was never part of the plan, but due to some changes in the plan, in fact, it was supposed to be part of the Android. But after the game was released on the Android, a friend suggested it for the Blackberry portal too.

He even specified that the tablet version of the same game will soon be available even if he is not committing to any time limit. The game can be grabbed for $2.99 by the citizens of Canada and UK who own a Z10. Unfortunately, US will get the new Z10 until March.

What is Super Hexagon?

This is actually a game that has the minute cursor run in between six sides and demands quick actions from you. The game needs promptness and is already in all the latest gadgets of iOS, Windows, Mac and of course Android platforms.

Z10 possessors can own the game for $2.99 in Canada and Uk, USA owners will have to be patient for the time being!

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