BlackBerry Announces Availability of BBM for Android and iOS


BBM for iOSBlackBerry’s post in a blog indicated that iOS users, who were registered for notification of BBM’s latest release could start using the messaging service right away. However, it would take some more time for others to access the facilities in this messaging system. Last month, there were unauthorized reports about Android app, in which BBM was also mentioned, because of which BlackBerry faced infrastructure problems. This is the reason BlackBerry opted for stage wise availability of BBM.

About BBM

BBM, which is a popular messaging application of the BB, was formerly available only on BlackBerry devices. Though the device manufacturing business is facing problems, its messaging service remains quite popular.

BBM does have similarities with well known messaging services such as Apple’s iMessage and WhatsApp, as well. The reason this messaging system is still popular is because it is able to send messages across using Internet through the data connection of the mobiles. Effectively, users do not have to use SMS services, which are expensive.

What can User’s do with BBM?

BlackBerry mentioned that iOS users can send voice messages, photographs, files, etc., with BBM. The new release of BBM Messenger facilitates group chats as well as message broadcast. One of the reasons BBM still scores over other messaging applications is its way of relaying messages. BBM is able to maintain privacy of the person sending messages with the help of PIN or randomly selected device identifiers.

According to BlackBerry its service is still popular. It has about 60 million users who are active. Most of them use BBM for about one and a half hour of their daytime. It is now possible for Apple gadgets users to download BlackBerry’s messaging application, i.e., BBM from any of the Apple’s application stores.

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