BlackBerry 10 Launched by RIM


Thorsten Heins, RIM CEO reveals the detailed features of BlackBerry 10, as BlackBerry 10 is coming in the way. BlackBerry 10 OS is going to enhance the speed of BlackBerry up to the new hikes with other improved features.

New Features

The new gesture support features are added to BB10, which can shrink apps and reveal notifications. Navigation within the apps has become easy with gestures support as you can easily back out or move up the app. The BB10 is fully efficient gadget for multitasking, and you can continue to enjoy any app running at the back. The hardware keyboard support is not there a software variant for this available in BB10, including spacing. As you begin, typing word predictions with suggestions above the keyboard would be hovering there.

Camera Features

The camera features are also teased by RIM, and more focus is given on the camera speed so that you can easily tap anywhere to take the photo. You can extremely well save the correct moment with the help of the lens, so if someone blinks in the snap that can be made perfectly using the lens. BlackBerry 10 devices would be supporting the most advanced 4G LTE network, and much emphasis is laid on the gaming platform.

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