BlackBerry 10 operating system to be launched in the US market on Friday


Friday will see the emergence of the Blackberry 10 operating system as the latest Blackberry gadget– BB Z10- will be out or sale in the US. It comes almost after a month since UK got the devices on sale. A lot of speculation is coming forth since US is one of the most prominent markets for Androids.

The Z10

The Z10 has a massive 4.2 inch screen that comprises the entire front of the device. The buttons are placed close to the edges, and it is nothing close to those earlier Blackberry devices with physical keyboards. Those fans who prefer physical keyboards, you will have to wait for some time because the Q10 sporting this feature is in line.

The carriers

The two most prominent carriers-Verizon and AT&T- will promote the handset with their individual websites on the smartphones. Verizon has tagged it at $600 and AT&T at $550. Two year contacts at $200 are also available.

The BB-Z10 is all set for a grand entry-with the latest apps like Delta Air, Al Jazeera and Times it has made the people restless to have their hands on the device.

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