Changes in Design for Apple iOS; can expect Flat, White and Black


Apple is gearing up for changes in its pattern and designs. It is updating its aesthetics making the gadgets flatter and more appealing.

When it was first reported

It was only last October that Jonathan Ive gave a new look to the hardware and software and got it rid of the skeuomorphic patterns that make the iOS very bulky. Sometime back also we heard of the rumor of Ive planning an update on the iOS 7.

The Upcoming Features for the new iOS 7

The new Apple iOS 7 is expected to be unveiled at WWDC 2013 that will be kicking off June 10 at San Francisco. We now know for certain threat Ivy has planned and implemented a flat, white and black look for the iOS 7. The backdrop on the notification bar and the calendar app will be replaced by black and white flat colors. The device will not have gloss or shine and shadows but will sport the same rounded off edges. Even the looks for apps like Mail, maps and the calendar will have a more organized look with a unique color on a white backdrop.

Wondering what others have been got rid of? The green backdrop of Game Center wooden shelves of Newsstand is removed.

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