Chrome 19 Unleashed


Google Chrome the free cross platform browser for Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Linux and includes Android gadgets too. It was updated with the release of Chrome 19 that fixes many bugs and security vulnerabilities. It also comes with many improved features like synchronizing of tabs, which will be rolled out slowly to all users within a few weeks’ time. Meanwhile, Google paid about $7500 as to independent security researchers to find these bugs as part of its bug’s bounty program.

The Improvements

Chrome is bringing out the tab synch feature which popular web browser Mozilla Firefox has been providing for a long time now. Apart from synchronizing open tabs across various browsers and platforms, Mozilla allow third party vendors to bring out similar apps like Xmarks. About 20 security vulnerabilities were solved which included eight serious issues. Chrome was last updated about 7 weeks ago, and a point to note is that rival Mozilla has a routine 6-week update schedule. As of now, Google has spent about $230K to third-party researchers for finding vulnerabilities in Chrome.

QuickTime Update Patch

Another update, which is worth telling, is the Apple QuickTime Player patch, which solves about 17 security vulnerabilities especially against malware attacks. The QuickTime Media Player software has been updated to version 7.7.2.

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