Chrome Beta Out to Support MacBook Pro with Retina Displays


Apple has released the MacBook Pro with a retina display only this Monday, and Google already has released a beta version of the world’s most popular web browser to support the high resolution of 2880 x 1800 pixels. The beta release is said to have basic retina support and more is promised in the coming days.

Quick Response from Chrome Team

Third party app support to the new retina screen MacBook Pro gadgets is poor for now because it has been just released. It is delightful to see Google acting quickly to try to release a stable version of the Chrome. The Chrome Canary release only has basic, high-resolution support and Google engineers say that they have many things to work out in the next few weeks to make it stable and hassle free.

Little Third Party App Support

The new MacBook Pro with retina screen has almost all of the Mac OS X apps up and running strong without bugs including iTunes, iPhoto and Safari which is Apple’s own web browser. Third party software engineers are still hard at work to suit the new panel. Soon we may have Chrome too as some Mac users are not particularly happy with the Safari browser.

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