Chrome coming soon for the Windows 8 Metro Interface


Rumor has it that Google is readying popular web browser Chrome for the new Windows platform. Chromium blog has reported that Google is developing a new version of Chrome that will work on both the desktop and metro GUIs of the Windows 8 operating system.

No Chrome in Windows 8 Tablets

Google Chrome will surely miss the bus to Windows 8 tablets if Microsoft will hang to its platform restrictions for WinRT the tablet version of Windows 8 specially designed for those ARM gadgets. Mozilla has already been vociferous in its opposition to the restrictions that disallow web browsers like the Firefox and Chrome from being used in Windows 8 tablets.

Only IE in Windows RT

WinRT- as of now- will allow only Internet Explorer to use some platform specific APIs. Google termed these restrictions as ‘a return to dark ages’. Perhaps Windows look forward to have iOS type strategy to allow only its products to run on its platform. However, for a long time Windows has been freely supporting third party software and to withdraw from many related agreements may not be easily possible. Finally, we may actually see the most used web browser in the world at present- the Google Chrome– in Windows 8 tablets when they are launched.

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