City Lens an Augmented Reality App is Released by Nokia


Have you ever been exposed to augmented reality the real world imagery supplemented by computer-stored information and geographic data from GPS services? Well you may have had a whiff with some smartphone apps like the Layar browser or Places app. There is news that Google will bring augmented reality apps to Android, but Nokia is unperturbed it has released its own app for the Windows Phone platform.

Nokia City Lens

Nokia City Lens is the name of the augmented reality app from Nokia. You can download it freely from the Nokia Beta Labs. Based on user response and feedback the app will be periodically updated and refreshed. It will work with Lumia 700, 800 and even 900 gadgets. A built-in sharing function lets you share anything of note through email or SMS.

How it Works?

Turn on the app to get the live camera feed of your local street and overlaid on top of it in the clean used-to UI is markers popping out information about local landmarks, shops, hotels, and restaurants. If you click on any one of the markers, you will get detailed information and user reviews about that item. Moreover, the app updates as you are on the move!

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