Count Down Begins for Internet Explorer 8 Phase-Out


More than 25 percent of netizens who are ardent fans of the Internet Explorer 8 web browser version will have to lookout for other viable editions, as IE is planning to remove its popular version out of the shelves.

New Version of IE

The removal is likely to take place 15 November 2012. A more advanced version of the IEs browser technology Internet Explorer 10 will begin its online campaign from 26 October 2012. After Google had stopped interaction IE 6, the move was well lauded and followed by many in the industry. The IE 8 was the next to gain popularity in the circle of internet browsers.

Upgrade Messages will soon pop up

The Google Apps programs will pop-up upgrade messages for IE 10 after the reported launch date that is assumed to benefit mobile gadgets and PC users alike.

Netizens be ready for the upgraded version of the IE to facilitate all your net-searching needs. It will be a worthwhile wait to ascertain whether the IE 10 will take over from IE 8 and remain in the top position, in the list of other contenders like Chrome 21, Firefox 14, and IE 9.

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