Downloadable Version of IE 11 for Windows 7 Available


IE11 UpdateMicrosoft’s Internet Explorer 11 can be used on touch screens. Therefore, it is ideal browser for Windows 8 and 8.1. However, Microsoft is aware that most of the gadgets owned and in operation across the world do not as yet have the technology for touch screen version of Internet Explorer. The transition to touch screen world will take a few more years. The concern for customers with Windows 7 prompted Microsoft to release a version of IE 11 that can be used with it, as well.

IE 11’s Performance

Internet Explorer 11 is considerably faster. According to the claims made by Microsoft, this version of IE will be able to load websites at least 9 times faster than the previous version. This hardware speed is achieved with the help of Graphics Processing unit. Engineers at Microsoft have used GPU for accelerating the browser. In addition, they’ve also improved the Javascript engine’s performance.

IE 11’s Security Feature

IE 11 can prevent almost 92 percent of malware and phishing attacks. This is its strength because the closest competitor, Google Chrome is able to block only 71 percent of such attacks. Other browsers such as Firefox and Safari score even less.

Offering IE 11 to Windows 7 users is a very thoughtful gesture on the part of Microsoft. It certainly will earn the brand some customer loyalty. However, IE 11 is worth buying for its security and performance excellence.

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