Everything.Me – Gets the Support from Mozilla


Everything.Me – a startup initiated by an Israeli tech company is getting to noticed by leading tech giants and till now some of the heavy weight tech giants has already invested in this HTML5 based mobile application; in fact, this application is going to provide the facility of cross platform mobile apps which will be supported on all the major OS running in the market including Android from Google, iOS from Apple and Windows 8 from MS.

In fact, developing such applications saves reasonable time since there is no need to develop different versions of the same app for different OS. And the same concept will be true for further updates as well.

Mozilla, which is well known for its web browser Firefox, has announced in its official blog that their team will support the everything.me application on platform development. Such development will also help Mozilla in filling up the content on its anticipated OS, which is supposed to be out during next year.

The digital experts are thinking that the everything.me application can offer a breakthrough in developing the gadget applications and it can fuel the power of web technology into application development.

In fact, this application brings the cloud technology while accessing the applications through mobile. You don’t have to install the app in your mobile but still you can run it on your mobile through everything.me app.

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