Facebook Launches “Nearby Friends” Feature for iPhone Users


facebook nearby friends feature for iPhoneFacebook launches ‘Nearby Friends” feature to notify friends when they are near you: iPhone users first to avail. Ace networking site Facebook has announced their latest gig- the nearby friends feature is unique and it can tell you when your friends are visiting your city.

Privacy not Hindered

Since this feature is optional at no point it intervenes with your privacy. Users have the facility to also choose the people who may see them. Just go to the options list and choose from acquaintances, or close friends or select any other specified list. However the users as well as the other friend must have both turned on the feature to share it among themselves.

Share Only for an Hour

The biggest attraction of the feature is that it allows you to only share your visiting data for a specific time. For example, if you set it for an hour, the feature will share data on your profile regarding your neighbourhood only for that single hour. Now that this feature is on, you might in fact suggest your friends about the special attractions in the city.

In the weeks to come the United States users of iPhone gadgets will be the first to enjoy the feature without downloading any iPhone app. Let’s hope that the feature rolls on in other markets as well!

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