Facebook ready to unveil NewsFeed new look on March 7


News Feed a featured section of Facebook is in the news once again. Journalists have been invited for seeing the latest look of this section at Menlo Park in California.

In September 2011 Facebook lastly updated the NewsFeed and after that feed directly incorporated the ads. After that company mainly concentrated on the mobile version of Facebook as a lot of people were accessing the social networking site through their mobile devices.

Facebook seeing constant upgrading

It was only recent that User Timeline was redefined, and now News Feed has a new look too. Sources have reported that Facebook has been trying and testing advanced versions of NewsFeed over mobile devises. This Social networking site has lately made its access faster on the latest iPhone and Android gadgets.

Atlas acquisition

The Atlas acquisition from Microsoft has been news at the gathering. This will facilitate advertising section over mobile devises targeting a niche audience. Apart from making its apps compatible with Android, Facebook has initiated Poke, a messenger service and free calling for mobile devices. Facebook is surely gearing up for the mobile users!

It was only January that the last up gradation was added to Facebook- the Graph Search. This enable gathering information via the friends profiles.

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