Facebook Unveiled iPad App


Earlier this week, Facebook launched a mobile app so that Facebook users can fulfill all their gaming related needs right from any web browser. So after months of rumors, Facebook finally unveiled iPad app so as to make gaming experience even more fun.

HTML Integration

As most of the iOS gadgets do not support Flash, this was the reason why Facebook apps did not work on phones. With regards to this, Facebook has teamed up with a number of developers including Wooga, Zynga, EA, Huffington Post, Flixter, Branchout, Audiovroom and Gilt Groupe to create HTML5 versions of their apps.

Downside in Performance due to HTML limitations

The downside is; even HTML5 does not offer the performance that many complex apps require. Another area where Facebook was not able to negotiate was payments since it was not possible to pay for virtual goods in native iOS apps. According to Taylor, there was some kind of inconsistency which was acting as a hindrance. Also, Taylor said that the all new iPad version will feature speedy chat and message interface and full-screen photos experience is going to be fun. We are so looking forward to hear more on this.

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