Facebook’s New Faster and Better iOS app


On Thursday, Facebook released an update (version 5.0) for its iOS app. Along with the release, they issued a statement, which said that app was being “rebuilt so it’s faster and easier to use.”

That was once regarded as a benchmark for making excellent mobile apps; the Facebook for iOS app had come under a lot of criticism in the past 18 months or so for being extensively slow and excruciatingly unresponsive at times. Many bashed its reliance on HTML 5 that caused it to be so slow; in spite of HTML 5 being a notable technique to build mobile apps across various platforms.

How fast is it?

Facebook had announced in June that they were rebuilding the iOS app for gadgets using Objective C. Moreover, that the resulting app would be almost 2.5 times faster than its predecessor would be.

A special feature on this update will be that iPad users will finally be able to use the Timeline, which looks impressive on the iPad screen.

Is it available already?

You can now download this new update from the App Store & check it out for yourself. Whereas, for the Android users, Facebook has also released an update with minor tweaks that will enable faster photo uploads and emoticons in messages.

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