Firefox 10 is ready to be launched this week


Firefox 10 has been given the green light by Mozilla developers to be launched on Tuesday. Last year, company had adopted an every-six-week plan for upgrading the older versions.

New Version

Firefox’s new version is capable of silent update mechanism, as incompatible add-ons will be automatically disabled. However, Mozilla said the add-ons that were there with Firefox 4 would be compatible to Firefox 10 too. Add-on compatibility has also been an issue as it limits the updates to be released more frequently. Mozilla’s add-on team leader Justin Scott said that to make the quick release system work efficiently we have made a compatibility process that will not require developers to perform unless our own add-ons are broken.

Firefox 13 will have the full adds-on Updates

Add-on compatibility will allow the Firefox to undergo for ‘silent updates’ and it will not require any user interaction. However, the process of silent updates will be going to finish in the Firefox 13 version, which will be launched on June 5.

In addition to this, a security update, Firefox 3.6.26 will also be shipped on Tuesday. Therefore, users will now get the latest security update, which they can install, on their gadgets and later on this week there will be two more security updates before the Firefox 3.6 will be retired in late April.

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