Firefox and Chrome Preparing for Windows 8


Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are reportedly gearing up to the Windows 8 challenge. In addition, release their popular web browsers to suit the newly introduced metro-style interface of Windows 8. Currently the customer preview Windows 8 metro interface hosts only the Internet Explorer 10. These reports come in the wake of Microsoft’s extensive plans to market its new generation of IE browsers for the Windows 8 desktop and metro User Interfaces.

Windows 8 Firefox

 Web browsers have to rise to the challenge of suiting to the Windows Metro UI, especially for touch gadgets like tablets, as well as the classic desktop interface. A blog by Brian Bondy, a Firefox developer, says that Mozilla is in the process of developing Firefox Metro- although it was not made known whether it will be available in the Windows Store or that it will feature plug-ins now that HTML 5 has arrived.

Chrome in Windows 8

According to Mashable, Google Chrome is also reportedly preparing its Metro version of the browser. It will be based on the desktop version of Chrome rather than the Android version. It is truly a sad thing that as of now, only the default browser can be used in the Metro.

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