Firefox operating system with 18 operators being launched


The Firefox OS, soon to be launched across countries, will be a giant leap since it is the first of ‘Open Web devices’ in the world. Brazil is getting the first privilege of seeing the gadget first followed by Columbia, Mexico, Spain and so on. The gadgets are running on Snapdragon Qualcomm processors.

The Advantages

Firefox OS gives you searching in-depth, using both apps and the internet. So next time you search for your favorite artist just type and not only gather information regarding the artist, his music but also about where to buy his favorite album and concert tickets. You will also know how to stream his music on our devices and can also create a download app to help you to gather the information later.

Firefox Marketplace

At the Firefox marketplace, the users will get a variety and all the latest apps. It runs HTML 5 applications and some of them are Airbnb, Box, AccuWeather, Twitter, Facebook, Disney Mobile Games and so on.

Even though, the launch date is not specified, but the product is speculated to reach the market by this year end. By the time take a look at the official website for Firefox Market Place apps that you will get upon launching.

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